Who am I?

Curious and imaginative, I help companies to create value by producing audio, video and writing content. French voice talent since 2006, I’m also passionated by productivity and personal development techniques, that I try on daily. Author of blog and podcast « Ma vie en mieux » (My life, better), I accompany individuals and professionals towards a better version of themselves throughout coaching.

I'm Will from Paris ;)
I'm Will from Paris ;)

On Air

Passioned by sound professions, especially by the radio media, I started in 2004 nearby some associative radio stations, and a local station from Radio France network. From hosting to journalism, passing by technical and editing tasks, it’s more particularly the sound engineering that will bring me to ISTS school, part of ESRA (Cinema & sound engineering school).

In 2007, I’m assistant sound engineer for Cauet’s morning on Fun Radio. Next season, I accompany Cauet on Virgin Radio and become the sound engineer for the morning shows until 2012, working with Bruno Guillon and Cyril Hanouna.

Voice Over

After having lent my voice to many radio productions, I work with commercials agencies, voice track some shows for radio stations (Générations, Tropiques FM, Contact,…), as well some flash news, produce several jingle packs and broadcast-ready shows.

Voice talent for the audiovisual domain in general since more than 10 years, I progressively specialize myself in corporate and institutional projects, for which my voice with a natural and friendly style particularly stands out. 

Giving life to a message, a project or a brand through the voice : that’s what passionates me today.

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